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Tips to manage your panic attacks

Panic attacks can be terrifying and overwhelming, but there are steps you can take to manage them and regain control. People who have frequent panic attacks should learn how to manage themselves not only during the panic attack but also in between the panics. In this article, we will highlight some tips to get you prepared for the next one.

Let's first define what is a panic attack and how does it feel like!

A panic attack is a brief period of intense anxiety that produces physical sensations of fear.

Symptoms of a panic attack may include a racing heart, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling, and muscle tension. Panic attacks usually happen on a frequent and unexpected basis, and they are often unrelated to any external threat.

During a panic attack:

Now let's see some tips (that may look pretty simle) that are very efficient in making you gaining more control over yourself during a panic attack. And by controlling yourself better, you will reduce the amount of time the panic will last or its frequency.

1. Take slow, deep breaths.

For example, count to five when inhaling and five when exhaling. This can help you relax and regulate your heart rate.

2. Sollicit all of your senses.

Pay attention to the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures in your environment. This can help you get back in the moment and divert your attention away from how bad the panic is getting.

3. Repel unfavourable ideas.

Don't let any negative ideas overwhelm you. Tell yourself that the bodily feelings are harmless and will pass. Although uncomfortable, panic attacks do not pose a serious threat to life.

4. Look for a safe place to sit or lie down until the attack passes.

If at all possible, locate a peaceful, secure area.

Between panic attacks:

People who have frequent panic attacks should learn how to manage themselves during the panic but also in between panics. Here are some tips for preparing yourself before your next one.

1. Engage in regular relaxation exercises:

To help control stress and anxiety, which can be triggers for panic attacks, engage in regular relaxation exercises such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, or meditation.

2. Seek professional assistance:

You might want to speak with a therapist who focuses on anxiety disorders. They can teach you coping skills to recognise and alter the negative thought patterns that lead to panic attacks, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

3. Keep up good lifestyle practices: Stress reduction, adequate sleep, and a balanced diet can all improve your general wellbeing and help ward off panic episodes.

4. Join a support group: It can be reassuring and beneficial to connect with people who share your experiences.

Remember, panic attacks aren't physically dangerous. They cause extremely unpleasant physical symptoms, but they will not result in a heart attack, stroke, or other long-term medical harm. However, if your panic attacks become more frequent, then you should talk to your doctor about it.

There is a Way Out

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Profile picture Mariam Bennouna Life Coach specialzed in Stress management
Profile picture Mariam Bennouna Life Coach specialzed in Stress management

About the Author

Mariam Bennouna is a Certified Coach specialized in Stress Management , helping individuals navigate their stress and achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life. To learn more about Mariam's approach and how she can help you, book a free call with her at

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Ogundeji Olasunkanmi
Ogundeji Olasunkanmi
Apr 01
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love ❤️

Coach Mariam Bennouna
Coach Mariam Bennouna
Apr 01
Replying to

Thanks a lot!


Rose Trombley
Rose Trombley
Mar 27
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This was a good topic, i myself have panic attacks, for many years, it was difficult in large groups of people, and in elevators. Nowadays it's other things that bring on stressors. I have learned the exercises memtioned above. They are something i think everyone should know how to do. Because at first i didn't know it was panic attacks is what i was going through.

Coach Mariam Bennouna
Coach Mariam Bennouna
Mar 27
Replying to

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and endorsing my post. Cheers!


Mar 25

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