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Why do people come to me?


As a Life Coach, I am thrilled to offer my coaching services to help people reach their personal and professional goals.

My coaching offers include a variety of services that are tailored to each client’s individual needs. I offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and corporate coaching services. I also provide coaching resources, such as e-tools, digital programs, and online courses.

My coaching vision is based on the belief that ‘’as long as we live, we can let the best version of ourselves come to life’’. Everyone has the potential to be a better version of himself/herself. I am committed to helping my clients reach their full potential through my life coaching services.

Coaching is a very personalized service. This is why I built my coaching platform based on the 3 below pillars:

  1. Trust: I want my clients to have a strong rapport with me in order to realize their goals. They need to trust me and be honest and open at all times, to be able to progress.

  2. Mindfulness: As I’m coaching clients from different countries, religions and backgrounds, I want my clients to be sure they will not be judged or misinterpreted when they open up to me during the sessions.

  3. Introspection: During the sessions, I ask lots of questions that help my clients reflect on their beliefs, ideas, likes/dislikes. My questions empower them to look at things from different perspectives, which broadens up the path to finding solutions on their own to their problems.

My coaching website is

How it works? Easy! Whenever you are ready to start your coaching sessions, please :

1. Book a free 15 minutes call with me to get to know each other using this link:

2. During this 15 minutes free call, we agree on the coaching offer, duration and plan that best suits your needs

3. After the call, you book the agreed plan back on the same website

4. Then we start our Life Coaching Journey together!

Hope that was straight to the point and enjoyable to read!

And hope to see you amongst my clients to let the best version of yourself comes to life!

Click the below button to book a call with me!

Your Life Coach Mariam,

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