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What differentiates me from other Life Coaches?


For me, Life Coaching is about empowering my clients to:

- reach for personal/ professional growth,

- confront life’s challenges with assertiveness and

- decide what they truly want to strive for in life.

Being your life coach means being your partner for a period of time when you feel lost in your life, when you have a big challenge ahead of you, when you want to take a big decision that will change your life.

As a life coach, I help people from all sorts of backgrounds work toward leading their best lives. I do the best I can to make my clients feel confident that they can come to me with any challenge they are facing. Some of them might be struggling to decide whether to switch careers, go back to school to earn a graduate degree or enhance their relationships with their spouse/ friends/ mates.

What differentiate me from other Life Coaches are the 4 below points:

  1. I am an Empathetic and Compassionate Person who has the ability to quickly connect with clients on a personal level and build a working relationship based on mutual respect. I approach every client’s dilemma with understanding and mindfulness.

  2. I am an Active Listener who not only offers you the space to talk confidentially about your life, but focuses on reading between the lines of your speech and decoding your body language, in order to help you access the blockages that hold you back.

  3. I have a Problem-Solving mindset, which doesn’t mean that I will solve your problem. Don’t get me wrong! It means that I have techniques that can help you find a set of solutions to your own problems. I’m a big believer that everyone of us hold solutions to his/her problems. My role is to help you find the pathways that will lead you to these solutions.

  4. I am a super Communicative Person which gives my clients the confidence to reach out to me when they experience problems in their lives. While they open up to me, I have the knowledge to:

    1. respect their vulnerability when I speak with them, without sounding critical, and to

    2. protect their sensitiveness when I give them suggestions without seeming to be intrusive.

My coaching website is

Now it’s your call to decide whether I’m the right Life Coach for you. If I am, you can reach me either via WhatsApp on +447484274986 or by booking a free 15 minutes call with me by clicking on the below button.

Talk to you soon,

Your Life Coach Mariam,

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