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How & When can a Life Coach help me? Situation#7

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Hi everyone,

This email is 7th of a series of 8 emails I will send you regarding How and When a Life Coach can help.

So, when should you consider hiring a Life Coach? Well, there are 8 situations that should give you some sort of a red flag that it’s now the right moment. And I’m not trying just to convince you to hire a Life Coach here, I’d like you to be fully aware of what the goal and the result of hiring a Life Coach would have as an impact on your life.

So let’s dive into Situation#7 for today that is about:

You need better time management For example:

· You tend to always put off the work of today to tomorrow.

· You procrastinate until consequences become unmanageable/ very bad.

· You have difficulty incorporating time as a finite asset in your life.

What should be the GOAL of your life coaching:

1. You want your Life Coach to help you learn valuable time management skills and how to create time targets.

2. You want your Life Coach to help you learn how to work less and achieve more.

3. You want your Life Coach to help you learn how to be SMART when working on a task.

What RESULT would you expect from your life coaching:

· You want to stay on task and break through your counter-productive patterns.

· You want to be clear on the fact that you don’t need more resources to get what you want, but you need to maximize your resourcefulness.

Hope this is useful for you.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next situation!


- If you want to contact me, please feel free to reach me by WhatsApp on +447484274986

- If you want to book coaching sessions, please book a 15 min free call with me by clicking on the below button.


Need help to improve your time management skills?

I help people achieve their goals and live their best lives. Whether you're looking for help with career, relationships, or personal development, I can provide the support and guidance you need to succeed. I also offer specialized coaching for young people with Parkinson disease, helping them to manage their symptoms and live full and active lives. My approach is personalized and supportive, and I'm committed to helping you reach your full potential.

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