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How to nurture your couple relationship over time?

Couple relationships are one of the relationships that demand to be constantly nurtured in the life of a human being. It resembles the movement of the sea with high tides once, and low tides another time. It is a relationship that requires a lot of fluidity in feelings, a lot of generosity in concessions, a lot of flexibility in understanding the other, and above all a lot of patience and perseverance.

  • To nurture this sacred relationship, there are 10 very important and interesting needs to consider, so that it remains alive and balanced. I would like to share them with you while insisting on the fundamental values ​​of individual and couple responsibilities.

How to nurture a couple relationship overtime?

The couple relationship must be constantly nurtured, and requires a lot of:

  • fluidity in feelings,

  • generosity in concessions,

  • flexibility in understanding others,

  • patience and perseverance

To nurture this sacred relationship, there are 10 very important and interesting needs to consider, so it remains alive and balanced.

1. The need for tranquility and peace

2. The need for autonomy or freedom

3. The need for exchange and balance

4. The need to value femininity & masculinity

5. The need for affection and emotional security

6. The need to contribute to the well-being of others

7. The need for communication & mutual respect

8. The need for celebration of life, meaning or spirituality

9. The need for order and security

10. The need for spontaneity


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