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Why is it important that you talk about your Young Onset Parkinson Disease?

Support groups in the UK for people with Parkinson disease

Parkinson disease can affect anyone, young or old. It can be highly depressing and isolating to be diagnosed with Parkinson disease at a young age. However, you are not alone. I was as well diagnosed at the age of 28 and it’s been 12 years now. And I’m fine with it!

Studies show that 1 of 20 diagnosed patients with Parkinson disease are under the age of 50. It’s called Young Onset Parkinson disease (YOPD). It’s the same as Parkinson disease, but with an earlier onset vs the usual average age.

A diagnosis of Young Onset Parkinson disease affects everyone differently. Some people experience a range of emotions, from overwhelmed to relieved. Studies show that 35% of diagnosed people suffer from depression after being diagnosed.

Don't fall under the trap of depression. Parkinson disease is not a sentence to death, and most people with it have the same life expectancy as well (expect for people who develop other neurological conditions such as dementia). And you know how best to avoid depression? Well it's simple...​

Talk to other young people who have Parkinson disease. Talk to me. Talk to your friends, or family members, to your trusted colleagues, to your employer. You decide when and how to talk to them, but it is essential for you to talk about it in order to you to consider it as “the new normal” and find the right strategies to continue enjoying life, while managing your symptoms.​

Talking to others who are in a similar situation as you can be beneficial. There are many support groups across UK (of which I’m also a member) that can help you connect with other young people living with Parkinson's disease:

That’s about it in this post. Hope that was helpful somehow.

If you have been diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson disease and feel like sharing what you’ve experienced, please share it with me by clicking below.


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