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There is no Parkinson patient that resembles another. Not even if they are daughter and father!

Although people with Parkinson’s disease share certain common symptoms such as tremors, loss of balance, and uncontrollable movements, not everyone will experience the disease the same way in terms of symptoms and disease severity.

In my case, I’ve been diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson Disease at the age of 28. My father, who is 74, had been recently diagnosed a couple of years ago. The oddness of this disease is not only from an age perspective, but most from a symptom’s perspective. My father and I have a completely different set of symptoms for the same disease. The common thing we have, we both have a very solid mindset and plenty of positiveness!

The experience of living with Parkinson's disease over a lifetime is so unique to each individual. Because symptoms and progression differ from person to person, neither you nor your doctor can predict which symptoms you will experience, when you will experience them, or how severe they will be. Even though broad paths of similarity are observed among people with Parkinson's disease as the disease progresses, there is no guarantee you will experience what others do.

This said, keep the positive mindset and enjoy your life and activities normally and to the fullest.

If you and one of your friends or family members have Parkinson’s, I’d love you to share what symptoms you have or don’t have in common by sending me your story on the button below.

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Mark Hall
Mark Hall
Jan 25, 2023

Beautiful picture of you both.

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