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Thanks to Parkinson, I discovered an amazing number of hidden talents in me!

When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson's, I was 28. I was working in a multinational company and was enjoying a great career path.

Few years later, other symptoms of my Parkinson started to show up such as balance problems while walking and muscle stiffness. I decided, then, to quit my job and start a new chapter of my life. I was far from being able to imagine what I was going to discover within myself!

In fact, some Parkinson medication act as a substantiation of Dopamine in the brain. In my case, this has had an amazing impact on my creativity. I started being interested in creating things with my own hands, creating recipes and any other activity where creative thinking is required. I also started watching video tutorials and teaching myself about many artistic disciplines.

Thanks to my Parkinson, I have been able to succeed in the below categories:

- Photography

- Baking & cooking

- Knitting and crocheting for women

- Designing dresses for women

My family and friends were just amazed by my creativity outbreak and encouraged me to continue. Today, I do make money out of some of the work I produce and I’m blessed and so proud of this discovery!

If you are like me and you noticed that Parkinson boosted your creativity or made you discover some hidden talents within yourself, share with me here. I’d love to hear your story!

I started designing dresses for women. Isn't it good for someone who never had any design class?!

I also self-taught how to knit and crochet jumpers, cardigans, shawls for women!!

I started to create recipes that my friends and family loved!!!

And last but not least, I fell for photography as well!!!!

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