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Nov 14th- World Diabetes Day #WDD

Mariam Bennouna profile picture for Diabetes day
Mariam Bennouna for Diabetes day

Nov 14th is the World Diabetes Day!

I invite you to join me to come together to raise awareness about diabetes and to take action to prevent and manage this chronic condition.

Diabetes is a global epidemic, affecting over 530 million people worldwide. It is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, and lower limb amputation. And it’s killing almost 7 million people every year (I not only know what these numbers mean, but I sadly know also what they feel because my 2 grand-fathers passed away because of Diabetes).

Whether you have Diabetes or not, everyone’s support for raising awareness about Diabetes is needed.

If you'd like to show your support, here are 2 quick things you could do:

1- To change your profile picture (just for the month of November) by downloading this logo I have created specifically for this day.

Logo World Diabetes Day- Self Care is not selfish
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2- To Like and Share this video as much as you can through your different social networks.

On this World Diabetes Day, I encourage everyone to learn more about diabetes and to take action to prevent and manage this condition by:

1. Making healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight, we can reduce our risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

2. For people who already have diabetes, there are many effective treatments available to help them manage their condition and prevent complications.

3. Getting screened, especially if you are at risk for diabetes. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to preventing complications.

4. Educating yourself about diabetes because the more you know about diabetes, the better equipped you will be to manage your condition or support someone who does.

5. Getting involved in your community through associations that are in the fight against diabetes. You can volunteer your time, donate to a diabetes charity, or advocate for diabetes awareness and research.


- Over 3/4 adults with Diabetes live in low or middle-income countries

- Number of diabetes patient is expected to rise by 45% in 2045

- Nearly 50% of adults with Diabetes are not yet diagnosed

Watch this video to know more...


Diabetes is a global epidemic that needs huge awareness-raising efforts

To prevent & manage diabetes:

  • Early detection and treatment are essential

  • Eat healthy diet all the time including fruits, vegetables & whole grains

  • Exercise regularly

  • Stop smoking


Watch this video to know more...

Whether you have Diabetes or not, everyone’s support for raising awareness about Diabetes is needed.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against diabetes.

Mariam Bennouna

Master Life Coach Certified by the International Coaching Institute of Geneva


Soukaina Mgadri, London, UK

"Mariam has coached me for about six weeks. From the first session, she has been highly professional and helped me better understand my priorities and what I would like to achieve personally and professionally. In addition, she helped me to build a disciplinary action list to keep me motivated and help me achieve my goals. Thanks to Mariam's coaching, I am happy about what I have achieved and the awareness I developed during this short time."

Sophia Laraki, Madrid, Spain

Camélia Bencherif, Paris, France

Sarah Mansfield, London, UK

Rachid Alaoui, Casablanca, Morocco

Estebane Saldana, Florida, US

Needa Shafi, London, UK


I have 2 types of posts for you in my blog, which I do my best to nurture with new articles on a weekly basis:

- General life-related posts about topics I usually cover in my coaching sessions (ex: Time management, Procrastination, Work-life balance, Improving public speaking skills, Personal development, Professional reconversion...)

- Parkinson-related posts that give updates about the disease latest findings, tips for better coping with symptoms, advice for caregivers, ...

Enjoy your reading!


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