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Living alone with Parkinson disease? What emotional challenges you can face?

A lot of people are living alone with Parkinson disease. However, living alone with Parkinson DOES NOT mean that you are alone.

In the UK, we are a community of more than 145, 000 people living with it. The challenge that we all have is to be able to accept our diagnosis and to avoid social isolation.


Depression can result from emotional challenges we get with Parkinson disease
Emotional challenges can lead to depression with Parkinson disease

1. Social Isolation:

Living alone with Parkinson disease provides a sense of independence, but it can also feel isolating. Everyone experiences feelings of isolation and loneliness from time to time, but it is critical to recognize when these feelings are negatively impacting your health.

Recent studies show that 35% of people with Parkinson disease suffer from depression.

If you feel apathy or fatigue for more than 5 days in a row over a 2-week period, you may be depressed. You need to seek advice from a professional if you notice that.

2. Accepting Your Situation:

A person living alone with Parkinson has a different day-to-day experience than someone who lives with a spouse or care partner. It can be difficult to locate resources geared toward people who live alone. You may also experience feelings of inadequacy when comparing your life to that of others.

Remember that, just as everyone is affected differently by Parkinson disease, each person with the disease lives with and manages the disease in their own unique way. You and your knowledge are valuable. There is a strong community of people living well alone with Parkinson disease.

That’s about it in this post. Hope that was helpful somehow.

If you have experienced any other emotional challenges because you live alone and have Parkinson disease, please share with me by contacting me below.

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