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I'm donating what Parkinson's got me to learn!

It’s the Parkinson’s Awareness month and we can’t let such an opportunity pass by without at least trying to do something to make the world aware about what we, People With Parkinson’s, do suffer on a daily basis with our symptoms.

This is our month to attract the world’s attention to our living conditions with this disease. Some of us keep strong, some of us are weaker. Some of us are turning their weaknesses into a massive strength, some others are still vulnerable. Some of us exercise and push others to exercise, some others prefer to stay home away from people. But what we all have in common are 2 things:

1- Make the world more aware about Parkinson’s, especially about the fact that it is being detected more and more in young people.

2- Find a cure for this disease.

For that, I decided to design a fund-raiser campaign where I could collect some funds and donate them to a Charity that works relentlessly for the same 2 objectives above. It’s a Charity that is very active within the UK and across Europe, and whose objective is to support awareness and research into Young Onset Parkinson Disease. This Charity is SPOTLIGHT YOPD UK!

Charity being selected, I needed to find a special reason why would people donate. I didn’t have to think a lot about it, because Parkinson really made me learn a lot since I was diagnosed 12 years ago. One of the things I learnt was KNITTING !

Due to my Parkinson’s medication, my creativity got boosted to the point where I learnt knitting skills by myself, and I started producing nice knitwear for women. Despite my hand tremors and my dystonia, I was never discouraged to continue learning and producing these nice pieces. Each piece is very dear to my heart because of the difficulty I had to overcome with my Parkinson symptoms to be able to finish them. So, what could I find better than this to donate for the sake of finding a cure for Parkinson’s? This is why I named my fund-raising campaign ‘’I’m donating what Parkinson’s got me to learn’’.

To give you more details about this campaign, here are some highlights :

- This is a fund-raising campaign to collect up to £5000 to support awareness & research into Young Onset Parkinson Disease.

- All funds raised in this campaign will be donated to SPOTLIGHT YOPD UK through FACEBOOK.

- This fundraiser runs through the month of April 2023.

- This fundraiser is limited to the UK, for logistical reasons.

- Although the fundraiser process start on my website , the funds are donated on the following Facebook Fundraiser page and directly transferred to Spotlight YOPD UK Charity with no interference with any of my bank accounts.

- This fundraiser is about selling 31 knitwear pieces produced by me for a minimum of £100/item, depending on the donor’s generosity to go beyond that amount to help reach the £5000 goal.

- Once the Charity receives a donation from a donor, I will contact the donor and organize shipment of the purchased knitwear.

Please kindly share with your friends, families, and colleagues.

HOPE TO RECEIVE YOUR SUPPORT & DONATIONS for this fund-raiser campaign to support awareness and research into Young Onset Parkinson Disease.


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