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How & When can a Life Coach help me? Situation#2

Hi everyone,

This email is 2nd of a series of 8 emails I will send you regarding How and When a Life Coach can help.

So, when should you consider hiring a Life Coach? Well, there are 8 situations that should give you some sort of a red flag that it’s now the right moment. And I’m not trying just to convince you to hire a Life Coach here, I’d like you to be fully aware of what the goal and the result of hiring a Life Coach would have as an impact on your life.

So let’s dive into Situation#2 for today that is about:

You are letting fear stop you For example:

· You’ve always loved things to remain in their place. You’ve always made choices that provide stability in your life. You don’t like to be challenged.

· You feel intimidated by the challenges you face in your life. Your fears are holding you back every time you need to face a challenging situation.

· You prefer to do the same things for years rather than move to an unfamiliar environment, even if you know that you’ll be better off there.

What should be the GOAL of your life coaching:

1. You want your Life Coach to help you overcome your fears and not let them hold you back.

2. Everyone has a set of fears. The difference is that some people know how to find their inner strengths, and use that fear to grow themselves. You want your Life Coach to help look for your inner strengths.

3. You want to be able to say ‘’I’m cautious, but I’m not afraid’’.

What RESULT would you expect from your life coaching:

· A Life Coach can help you name your fears, and learn how to use them/ turn them into strengths to achieve success.

· A Life Coach can help you transform the way you look at your fears in a way that will make you emphasize on your positive traits instead of focusing on your limiting beliefs.

Hope this is useful for you.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next situation!


- If you want to contact me, please feel free to reach me by WhatsApp on +447484274986

- If you want to book coaching sessions, please book a 15 min free call with me by clicking on the below button.

Sincerely Yours,

Life Coach Mariam

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