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Diagnosed with Parkinson's at 28, I was shocked too. But I'm fine with it now!

Back then when I was diagnosed, I would have loved to find someone who could explain to me what Parkinson disease is and isn’t in simple terms, and that it can really happen at any age. The myths that surround Parkinson’s disease can be dangerous for young people trying to understand why they have been diagnosed at such a young age.

Young woman with Young Onset Parkinson disease with positive mindset
Young woman with Young Onset Parkinson disease

To make it easier for you (especially the people who are new to Parkinson's), I want you to know the difference between the facts and the myths of this disease, and get some clarity on what it’s like to live and cope with Parkinson’s disease:

· Myth #1 : Parkinson’s is like a death sentence.

Not at all. It’s more about managing your own symptoms based on the medication that your neurologist will prescribe for you.

· Myth #2 : Parkinson’s is a condition that one can get after his 70’s

When you have Parkinson’s, you may have to work for every movement, every chore, and every aspect of your daily life. However, a large selection of medications and therapies are available to help you remain independent for as long as possible.

· Myth #3: Parkinson patients cannot care for themselves

While it’s true that people in the later stages of the disease may require full or partial assistance when it comes to taking care of themselves, most people with Parkinson’s can live their lives quite normally with the right treatments for their symptoms

· Myth #4: Parkinson medications are toxic

There are several medications available for Parkinson’s disease, but the most commonly used is Sinemet (levodopa). It is designed to restore levels of dopamine in the brain. The medication works well, but a myth that it was toxic began circulating and is still somehow commonly accepted. The truth is as long as the medicine is being used properly and the dose is where it should be, it is completely safe and can benefit people with Parkinson's disease.

· Myth#5: Parkinson’s Disease can appear and disappear over time

Unlike other diseases that can disappear randomly over time, Parkinson’s is not one of them. In fact, symptoms may be worse or better throughout the day, but the disease itself is always progressing, albeit slowly.

If you have heard about any other myths about Parkinson disease, share it with me here.

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