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Make 2024 the Year
Your Resolutions Stick!

The start of 2024 brings with it a fresh opportunity to turn your New Year's resolutions into realities. During the process of working together, I'll unveil strategies to help you stay committed to your goals, be it personal development, career advancement, or enhancing your well-being. My approach combines years of expertise with a passion for seeing others succeed.

Quick Stress Management Tips

In this enlightening video session, I want to share with you quick, actionable tips that can make a noticeable difference in your stress levels. These nuggets of wisdom are drawn from years of research, hands-on experience, and a genuine passion for helping others.

My 2024 new year's resolutions

Your Path to Realizing Your Resolution

This year, let's make your aspirations more than just wishes. Whether you're looking to cultivate new skills, improve your relationships, or balance your life more effectively, I'm here to assist you in making those resolutions come true. Let's transform your hopes for 2024 into a tangible plan of action.

About me

My name is Mariam Bennouna

I am a Master Life Coach, passionate about helping people to reach their full potential. Everyone has something unique to offer, so I want to use my skills and 15 years of experience in multinational companies to help people unlock their full potential. I am also passionate about helping others live more fulfilling lives, as everyone deserves to be happy and live a meaningful life.

Life Coach Mariam Bennouna

Why work with me?

My clients' feedback 

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 Embark on your journey towards a fulfilling year. I've helped many individuals harness their potential and I'm confident I can guide you towards the life you deserve. Let's make 2024 a year of achieved goals and fulfilled dreams.

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