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Webinar for parents about the role of coaching in kids' education
Online webinar about Education
Free downloadable educational tools
Educational resources free to download
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On January 24th of each year, the world dedicates its attention to raising awareness about Education and its importance, as well as to find ways to increase access to education around the globe.


Discover more on that in this short video !

Did you know that?
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Education is one of
the key foundations of a society.
Importance of Education
Join me in one of the below actions to help spread education to those in need

I invite you to join me in supporting the global efforts to make education more accessible worldwide. You can pick and choose the actions you want to participate in, then on the button below to get in touch with me.

Free coaching sessions
Pay tribute to a teacher
Free coaching sessions for children
Pay tribute to an educational staff

I’m offering 2 hours of coaching for free to 10 children between 6 and 16 years old

I'm organizing a contest to nominate a teacher, mentor, or education advocate who deserves to be recognized

Download free educational resources
Educational resources free to download

I’m creating educational resources for children that can be uploaded for free from my website.

Host online webinars
Online webinar about Education

I’m hosting an online workshop on Jan 24th with parents to discuss their children needs and how life coaching can help

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Mariam Bennouna, Certified Life Coach

I am Mariam Bennouna, a Certified Life Coach working with clients give themselves the means to reach their full potential. With years of experience in the field, I have developed efficient strategies to empower my clients and guide them towards their personal growth and success. I believe that everyone has the power to create a positive change in their lives, and I am here to support and motivate you on your journey. Let's work together to overcome your obstacles, unlock your true potential, and live a fulfilling life.

Pay tribute to your preferred teacher contest

NGOs, governments, global society, education bodies/activists and parents are doing tremendous efforts to ensure equal and decent education for their populations.

But who is really educating us day by day?

It's our Teachers and Education Staff!

These people do an extremely important job and they need to be recognized.

Thank you note

I’m organizing a contest*

from January 11th to 24th 2024

where I’m inviting you/ your children

to pay tribute to

your most preferred teacher or education staff

by writing or drawing a ‘’Thank you’’ note

Send by email

and sending it to this email address:

before January 23rd 2024 at midnight GMT to be eligible to participate in the lucky that will happen on January 24th 2024 to announce the happy 3 winners of a £25 Amazon gift card or the equivalent**.

The teachers selected by the 3 winners will benefit from a shout out*** on Mariam Bennouna Life Coach social media platform during the week of January 24th 2024.

*Offer running fron January 11th to 23rd 2024 until midnight GMT .

I'm not responsible of non-delivered emails to the indicated email address or any technical iusues related to your emails.

**Winners will get a £25 gift voucher to be used on Amazon during 3 months. If Amazon is not operating in the winner's country, the equivalent of it can be considered after discussing available options with the winner.

***It's the responsibility of the winner to get consent from his designated teacher to use their image and name on Mariam Bennouna Life Coach social media networks.

Click here to download your Thank you note

Click here to download your PDF file

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