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Leaves on a stream

Free Mindfulness Group class 

Every Wednesday at 8 pm


  • Max 10 seats per class

  • 1st come, 1st served

  • Online class on Google Meet

  • Cancellation no later than 12 hours before class starts.

  • Possibility to enrol a 2nd person

This is a Mindfulness group online class to help you develop the ability to let go of problematic thoughts through practicing cognitive defusion.

This tool was created by Hugo Alberts (PhD) (

Hugo_Alberts) and Lucinda Poole (PsyD) (


Mindfulness class - Leaves on a stream




20 min


Coach Mariam Bennouna

Coach Mariam Bennouna

Coach Mariam Bennouna is a Certified Master Coach specialized in Stress Management. To help you manage your stress efficiently, she uses Mindfulness techniques in her coaching sessions to empower you to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

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